Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Da Al G Show

Maybe it's because I prefer British humor, but I found Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G a riot when the white, ghetto wannabe-turned politician infiltrated Parliament. The inevitable American remake featuring Alberto Gonzales--Al G--as Attorney General was somewhat less successful--and not nearly as humorous.

President Bush's administration is full of jokes, but none nearly as funny as Cohen's British romp. Or maybe I'm confusing this Cohen with another. Yes, the dark humor so expertly executed by the Coen brothers would better suit this presidency. Then again, President Bush hasn't exactly been the definition of "expertly executed," now has he?

So what the hell is so funny about President Bush? Maybe this administration is like a drama so bad it's funny. You know, like Showgirls. But like Showgirls, it's only funny the first time--then it's just sort of embarrassing. Yeah, that's what this administration is--a bad drama.

I used to find 365 day calendars that included a new daily Bushism funny. Now I find it a little sad that companies can devote an entire year to mocking the leader of the free world and his struggle with the English language.

The vice president shooting a hunting partner in the face was hands-down Coen brothers. The subsequent cover-up was Showgirls. The Attorney General's numerous mental lapses on Capitol Hill was Coen brothers. His job security was--well, you get the idea.

I'm sick of giving this president and his administration second chances, because--if you really stop to think about it--there is only one second chance. Then it's a third, fourth, fifth--sixtieth. When is it going to end? This administration is like a bad sequel that won't go away. Yes, it's the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 of the political world.

Oh, who am I kidding? This president and his co-stars are a joke. Excuse me if I don't laugh. I'm just too terrified of the punchline to understand the humor.

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