Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Private letter to Hillary Clinton

Okay, Mrs. Clinton- it's just you and me here, woman to woman. Ever since that last debate, all I've been hearing about is you and your non-answer to the question about drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. Listen, I'm a woman too. I understand your ability to agree with Eliot Spitzer even though you don't agree with him. I totally get it. You don't know all of the details, you just know that you don't fully agree with them. More importantly, you're not going to let anyone put words in your mouth. I watched that sausagefest of a debate, and I agree that it wasn't fair, your non-answer to that question was just as relevant as any of the other candidates non-answers.

This is not hyperbole, I honestly thought the whole drivers license debate was nothing more than theatre. But I need to speak my mind, women are like sisters, right? We support each other, we vote for each other, we give each other pep talks and occasionally steal each others boyfriends. But through it all, we stick together. It is in this spirit of sisterhood that I feel the need to tell you something about that last debate. Everyone's hedging on issues, but girlfriend it is time to whip out those ovaries and smack them down on the podium the next time Tim Russert produces a document signed by your husband. That was just madness.

Yes Hillary, this focus on the drivers license thing is nothing. The real issue is the unreleased records from the Clinton Library. If you are running on your reputation and experience as First Lady, then you need to show us the goods, sweetheart. You can be as wishy-washy as everyone else about the drivers license issue as far as I'm concerned, but to say in the debate that whether or not to release relevant White House documents is 'not your decision to make'? Well, it kinda' is, and it doesn't help your credibility to blame the archivists. Actually, that ticked me off. Every archivist I've known (admittedly not many) is incredibly passionate about their work with artifacts. To make them look bad for being too slow to release those papers you won't allow them to release, well, that just makes you look bad. You said that the archives were releasing documents every day, and I have no doubt that's a fact. I also have no doubt that none of those documents will be related to the policy memos that are currently restricted.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is a pep talk. I would tell you if your bra strap was showing and now I'm telling you it's time to stop letting those guys bully you. Tell your husband what for, and release those documents to the public. Show everyone for once and for all what you're made of, and let the public see your years of White House experience with our own eyes. Stop blaming the archivists and show us that experience you're running on. Those 24% of Republican women that are supposed to vote for you would really appreciate it. I know you can do it!


Jon Gold said...

In addition to being a "sausagefest," everyone was disappointed that the keg was Keystone Lite. Ugh.

Kathleen said...

That's a surprise. I would've thought that a working man like Edwards would insist on PBR. What a phony!