Monday, March 6, 2006

Introducing DI blog

Greetings, and welcome to DI blog, the online voice of The Daily Iowan's Opinions staff.

The Internet, as you may have noticed, has no shortage of weblogs, but when you narrow the field to those targeted at Iowa City and the UI community, you won't find as many. Our writers are your classmates, or your students, or your neighbors, who are paid to know what is happening in our community. Here you can read what they're thinking about the critical, or at least interesting, issues that affect your lives as students and as citizens. Feel free to add your thoughts as well - so long as you're mindful of the rules.

- DI Opinions staff


What you see here is a collaborative effort on the part of DI Editorial Board members and commentators; the views expressed don't necessarily represent those of the DI or anyone else on the planet, besides the undersigned authors.

Your comments will be reviewed for language and relevancy. Inappropriate content will not be permitted. Our Terms of Use are as follows:
  • No advertising or solicitation of money.
  • No profanity or obscenity.
  • No personal attacks.
  • No spamming (e.g. leaving repetitive, irrelevant comments).
  • Respect copyright and trademark law. In fact, don't do anything illegal or advocate the doing of anything illegal.
  • No linking to sites that violate the above guidelines.
  • No image or movie files.
  • Comments must be relevant to the issue being discussed.
  • Commentators must be registered, and comments must be signed. Do not attempt to disguise your identity.

The DI reserves the right to remove comments that violate these guidelines. Repeated or egregious violations will result in termination of commenting privileges, so don't be a violator.