Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Selling oneself for UISG

by Jayne Lady, DI editorial writer

I decided to take a page out of Chad's book and offer some advice for people who run for office in UI Student Government, from the perspective of those who have to evaluate their public performances.

PR tips for future UISG candidates, from an editorial writer:

Lose the beverage - if every time you get asked something, you say "Hey, great question" and take a big drink, we'll notice. Believe me, we know you're just stalling. No one is that thirsty.

Learn who does what in the city and the university - otherwise I might pull a muscle from cringing at your lack of knowledge about how the UI actually runs.

Don't name-drop - no one cares what elected official you, or your parents, or your second cousins twice removed, are this close with. You're running for a university office, not Congress.

Go easy on the corporate buzzwords - we can only hear such "words" as "incentivize" and "impact" (used as a verb) so many times before we start screaming.

Be honest - just speak from the heart. People can tell when you're being sincere; it won't matter if you get flustered or mix up a word or two.

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