Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Mad Oscar junk

by Steve Sherman, DI columnist

Oscars, schmoscars. I didn't watch them. But I heard the dude who played the dead dude won the best actor. It's now safe to say playing a dead celebrity is officially the new "go ugly."

But thanks to YouTube, I did manage to catch Three Six Mafia's performance.

And in the "Take that, Peter O'Toole!" Department, I salute Crunchy Black and the rest of the Three Six Mafia on their Academy Award. God Bless America: Only here will you see a group of African Americans, whose previous accomplishments include a song called "Slob on my Nob [sic]," show up a black-tie function, beat out a big-breasted backwater hick with one-too-many Botox treatments, and then have it all be lampooned by a smart-ass Ashkanazi Jew from the suburbs. America: Junk like this don't go down in Afghanistan. Stick that on your bumper.

Oh, and here's the updated count: Crunchy Black: One; Martin Scorcese: Zero. I've been keeping tabs on this matchup for a while, and I never figured out why until last Sunday.

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