Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Congressional Comedy

The Bush Administration's use of the national security card to
justify all sorts of intrusive, unethical and illegal intelligence
programs has already crossed the line from depressing to comical.
Congress, for its part, continues to bend over backward, ensuring its
continuing irrelevancy for our unitary executive. Shockwaves of glee
pulsated through my body when I read their latest, joint smash comedy

The new revelation goes something like this: The CIA and the Treasury
Department are examining international databases of money-transfer
records, undoubtedly to "search for terrorists." Well, I really didn't
give a damn about the story, seeing as how nothing from this
administration surprises me anymore, no matter how blatantly
authoritarian. But then, Representative Peter T. King (R-N.Y.),
Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, made the all-too
depressing disclosure nothing short of hilarious.

The report was presented last week in the *New York Times* and other
newspapers. Rep. King, as quoted in the *Washington Post*, is
advocating seeking criminal charges against the *Times*.

Seriously. He wants to take the *Times* to court. "We're at war, and
for the *Times* to release information about secret operations and
methods is treasonous," King said.

Yep. He's right. It's that damn liberal media again, always reporting facts.

I don't want to hear the utter blather about "striking a delicate
balance." If we keep slashing individual liberties and rights, then
"the terrorists have won." I will now vomit after writing that phrase.

Now, I may be wrong, but I do recall freedom of the press being in
the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. In case you don't remember,
that's part of the U.S. Constitution, a document establishing the
procedural and structural framework of our system of government. Now,
while admittedly there are outdated parts, I've always been of the
opinion the First Amendment is a pretty solid idea. But hey, what do I
know? I'm just a journalist.

Andrew Swift
Editorial writer

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