Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not quite a Cyclone state

Yes, the Iowa State Cyclones did indeed stun the Iowa football team — and its fans across the nation — with a 23-3 win Sept. 10 to reclaim the Cy-Hawk trophy. This fact is theirs to hold over the Hawkeyes — until the teams meet again this fall, in what will (I hope) be a thorough trouncing of ISU.

It seems, however, bragging rights aren’t enough for the Cyclones. Next month, an all-too-visible reminder of last season’s loss will take up residence just south of Cedar Rapids on Interstate 380. A billboard reading “It’s a Cyclone State,” featuring members of Iowa State’s football team holding the trophy after their win, will essentially desecrate what is, and always will be, a “Hawkeye State.”

To a certain extent, it is understandable for the Cyclones to flaunt their latest win. Iowa leads the series 35-18, and ISU often takes a back seat to the Hawks in sports recognition. However, the Cyclones’ record against Iowa in no way justifies the attempt to rename a state that will forever be black and gold.

The Cyclones may be hoping to incite anger and further irritate Hawkeye fans by placing the billboard in the UI’s backyard. Instead, it is pity Hawk fans should feel for Iowa State, because, while they continue to cling to their small victory, those of the Hawkeye persuasion have decades of success to reflect upon as we ready for the coming season.

Laura Michaels
Opinions editor

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