Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vilsack viable candidate

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack was recently in Washington, D.C., attempting to further his expected 2008 presidential candidacy. I'm not going to write off Vilsack, as most pundits (and rank-and-file Democrats) have done. Frankly, his primary message, stressing restoration of community, appeals to me, and he's proven himself a competent governor. Perhaps more important, he has governed largely (especially compared to the federal level) non-partisan, a factor I believe will play well with voters in 2008.

But in D.C., Vilsack made it clear he believes ‘ordinary people’ should lead the direction the Democratic Party will take. Again, this is an agreeable concept. Pundits, consultants, and other ‘insiders’ have destroyed the party of the people. However, Vilsack, himself, is the chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, the ultimate 'insider' Democratic clique. While he attempts to spin himself a populist, it seems quite hollow.

Regardless, I respect Vilsack, and if he were the nominee, I'd vote for him. (This is not true of every potential Democratic nominee.) But he needs to start living up to his message. He can start by resigning his position as chair of the DLC.

Andrew Swift
Editorial Writer

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