Thursday, July 6, 2006

The 3rd of July?

In his web-log, Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn makes a pretty good
case for changing the date we celebrate Independence Day.

 He suggests moving it to a “first Monday of every July” sort of thing, rather
than the fixed date every year sort of deal we have going right now.  All of the
other get-a-day-off-work holidays (Memorial Day, Presidents Day, etc…) were
changed some-time ago so that they would always fall on a Monday, thus granting
our beloved citizenry an extra day off work (provided you work at an
establishment that gives you these holidays off), and that seems like a pretty
good idea.

This year, the 4th fell on Tuesday.  Normally, I wouldn’t really have cared, as
I am a college student with a part-time job and most of the days I pretty much
get off anyway.  However, the lucky female I am currently involved with has a
full-time job in Des Moines, and it just so happens that she was visiting this
past weekend.  We were forced to part ways on Sunday, despite the fact that she
has a whole-nuther day off work this week!  It was truly a tragedy that neither
of us was happy to be involved with.  Had our government changed this holiday
years earlier, we could have spent a whole extra day with our lovely selves,
probably watching episodes of Seinfeld and generally behaving in a cute,
couple-y manner.

But seriously folks, our original day of independence
wasn’t really even on the 4th of July.  Is there any real reason to justify having it
on the same date every year?

I say: N-O.

What do you think?  Leave some comments and tell us.

Eric Kochneff

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