Monday, July 3, 2006

False patriotism

Once again, July 4 is upon us. The holiday supposedly celebrating America's independence lands Tuesday, and with it come disgusting, virile, ugly displays of false patriotism. That's right, I hate America.

But seriously, being 'American' is not a solid basis for a real holiday. Grill outs, picnics, barbecues - these are not celebrations of our country's past, present, and future. And nowhere to be seen is an honest appraisal of both the rights and wrong of quintessential America.

The only images are the disturbingly ubiquitous flag and, of course, fireworks.

I hate fireworks. It doesn't matter what city you're in, the fireworks show is the same: stupid. I'm not scared by the loud noises and bright flashes, nor was I as a young lad. They're simply pointless: Why anyone would sit and watch some mildly colorful rockets for 30 minutes is completely beyond me. I've had only one memorable Fourth of July in 21 years.

You can bet I won't be partaking in any such 'holiday' festivities. Hell, I'll even be watching soccer! Take that America!

Andrew Swift
Editorial writer

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