Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Follow the money

Want to see what Congress is doing for the American people? Just follow the money. Tonight CNN reported that President Bush again vetoed a health care program that would provide health coverage for poor children. SCHIP (sounds familiar, right?) would expand such coverage by $35 billion over a five-year period. Congress should override the president's veto, but the word "should" often falls on deaf ears, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, CNN also reported tonight that Congressional staffers are quietly reporting that Congress is about to approve another $70 billion for the war in Iraq--without a timetable, of course. If you know anything about basic math, this is easy to figure out: The president vetoes $35 billion for poor kids for the second time while Congress gives him twice that amount ($70 billion) for his pointless war.

It's difficult to take any Democrat serious these days, including many that are running for president. If their party can't stand up to President Bush after Americans voiced huge dissatisfaction with him in 2006, can you expect this party to represent the American people in the future?

Shame on the president, yes. But shame on the Democrats, too, for folding so easily...and predictably.

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Kara said...

Well said! I am just enraged over this issue. I posted about it today too.