Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nobody's perfect

I've been seeing Ron Paul's name pop up on a number of really sickening websites -- examples here and here (definitely NSFW) -- for some time now. Apparently, there's something about him that appeals to unhinged racists. While I wouldn't suggest for a moment that Ron is a stupid bigot, he's sure trying my patience. Watch this at about 3:20.

Zowie. First of all, "it's a ridiculous idea that [he]'s supposed to screen these people?" This is what we'll get under a libertarian president: "You mean we're supposed to check all those steaks for e. coli? That would cost literally thousands of dollars!" Jerk.

But my favorite part was when he suggests that other candidates would have returned white supremacist Don Black's donation simply "to brag about how pure they are." Yeah, really! Get off your pedestal, mainstream candidates! Who doesn't have a little Nazi gold socked away? What a bunch of goody-two-shoes!

One little segment on FOX news proves nothing, especially with Cavuto, who conducts this "hatchet job" with wretched ineptitude. But you could be forgiven for thinking that Ron Paul's self-righteous rationalizing, coupled with his face's continued presence in some of the internet's worst rogues' galleries begins to paint an ugly picture indeed.

UPDATE (from littlegreenfootballs via Wonkette): Speaking of ugly pictures...

From left to right, that's Ron Paul, the aforementioned racist Don Black, and Black's son, Derek.

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