Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Police Brutality at the DNC

As with the ABC incident I blogged about earlier, one would think the police would learn to avoid doing stuff like this with cameras rolling:

(Via City Pages.)

But so many people have video cameras in their cellphones now that there are almost always cameras rolling. Maybe someday the countless videos like this one online will add up to some political pressure in the direction of training police officers not to hit people for no reason. Maybe.


taco said...

Her name is Alicia Forrest, and the relevant fact that the 0:36 seconds of video doesn't show is that she grabbed officer Stewart's baton. Rule #1 of peaceful protesting: Do not touch peace officers or their equipment.

If I may say so, I think you rely too much on YouTube for your social commentary Chris. Video can be doctored to make any point you want it to make. Just omit the parts you don't agree with. Fox News proves that on a daily basis, if Michael Moore doesn't. Embrace your current career path, be skeptical of documentary film.

taco said...

Further followup on this story: