Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Urgent Question

How can we as journalists best transcend the ideological divisions that are so deeply embedded (perhaps irrevocably) in our discourse and thought? Or, put another way: How can we best convince those with whom we disagree on fundamental issues that we still desire in good faith to engage in a legitimate conversation?

Because that's clearly what we need. The issues our society faces are too profound for us to remain satisfied with talking past each other most of the time.

Ideas, please!


Nate said...

I don't think it can be done. Engaging debate is a rare creature in our society; it's more likely someone is from the far right or the far left or the far corner of whatever argument one brings up.

It's an opinionated world, full of passion, but it's passion not for intellectualism or discourse or learning about varying points of opinion - it's passionately fixed...passion for position, and being firm in that position.

Christopher Patton said...

So does that mean we're screwed?

Nate said...

Yes. But society is screwed too.