Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've Arrived

The Matts and I are here in Minneapolis. I'm rushing to get some other stuff done, but will try to be in St. Paul by 4 p.m. because that's when the first protest is supposed to start. A march on the capitol building. Matt N. has plenty of photography equipment and I have a laptop and a reporter's notepad, so we plan to stick close together. Thus, hopefully, we will appear more like press than we otherwise would. Also, I'm wearing a nice sweater over a button-up shirt. Very non-threatening. Possibly unless you're homophobic.

Feeling teased by all the e-mail I keep getting that AREN'T the e-mail I desperately need ASAP. Man, I first called about this on Tuesday. But it's good experience. The ability to work under this sort of pressure is essential given the current breakneck pace of change in the world. Go to sleep for a second an you might miss something. Good thing I haven't slept since Tuesday night. Naked Juice just did a lot to refresh me, but I'll need to start in on the caffeinated beverages before long. No question about that.

How could people live before WiFi in coffee shops? It just wasn't a civilized world.

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