Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fashion sense

by Chad Aldeman, DI editorial writer

For those of you who don't know me, I must admit I'm a pretty trendy guy. I follow all the latest fads. You know, I've got my Ugg boots. Those are my actual legs - pretty cute huh?

And I've never been hotter than when I wear my leggings under jean skirts. But it is, like, too hot for me to wear them now.

The sunshine has me shopping for sunglasses, and BIG is in! I haven't decided on what to buy yet though. Is this the right size? I'm going for this look. I wonder if they have it in male.

Any one want to help me pick out a pair? I've narrowed it down to this model designed to look like eyewear for policemen. David Beckham wears 'em, and they cost about $215. Or, I could go with a pair actually called "Big Bug-Eye Sunglasses" for only around $25. That is what I want, right? To look as close to a bug as possible?

I'm so cool I'm melting your face off.

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