Saturday, April 15, 2006

Storm center

by Jayne Lady, DI editorial writer

While wandering through the flotsam and jetsam surrounding my apartment on Washington Street after the storm passed through, I was struck by people's inappropriate sense of being personally wronged. Some residents seemed to feel that officials weren't doing enough to immediately alleviate their suffering - or at least their discomfort.

I shared one girl's honest astonishment that 911 was busy. (I didn't know that was even possible.) But I was surprised to hear someone else sneer at the fact the fire people didn't materialize as soon as he called. "Good thing no one was hurt - they didn't get here for an hour," he complained. Uh, dude, they were probably helping someone who actually was hurt.

I was as unnerved as anyone else who found themselves crouching in a bathtub while what sounded like a locomotive screamed through their home, and I appreciate every offer I've gotten to help clean up my apartment, but I also realize that there are probably many other Iowa City residents who need assistance a lot more than I do.

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