Thursday, April 27, 2006

Impeach the president

As far as rock-and-rollers go, no one brings the pain more than Neil Young. That's why I busted my pancreas when Young recently announced the creation of a new album, *Living With War*, which will include a song called, "Let's Impeach the President."

Nothing galvanizes the masses more effectively than music. So, for one of my favorite musicians to record a hopefully scathing and incendiary CD about the removal of the WORST president in the history of United States of America, yeah, I'm gonna be a bit jacked up. And, no, I am not and will never be one of those people who thinks musicians should play music and leave the politics to politicians.

America needs to wake up and remember this is a country founded on the principle of the free-flowing exchange of information and ideas, pro or con to your belief system. I'm filthy sick of individuals, particularly apologetic liberals, qualifying every inch of criticism of this administration with a declaration of their right to speak out. Of course it's your right, and you shouldn't have to explain that to trained journalists.

*Living with War* was recorded in three days with electric guitar, drums, bass, and 100-member choir — and came as a surprise to many. Young's announcement of the album has left the whole Internet community buzzed. Bits of the album will be release over the Internet and made available through streamlining, starting today.

Check out Young's interview with CNN, and pay close attention to how many times he says or alludes to his love for this country ... it's a lot. Apparently, even if you criticize your government, you can still somehow love your country.

Here are the lyrics for "Let's Impeach the President:"

    Let's impeach the president for lying
    And leading our country into war
    Abusing all the power that we gave him
    And shipping all our money out the door
    He's the man who hired all the criminals
    The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors
    And bend the facts to fit with their new stories
    Of why we have to send our men to war
    Let's impeach the president for spying
    On citizens inside their own homes
    Breaking every law in the country
    By tapping our computers and telephones
    What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees
    Would New Orleans have been safer that way
    Sheltered by our government's protection
    Or was someone just not home that day?
    Let's impeach the president
    For hijacking our religion and using it to get elected
    Dividing our country into colors
    And still leaving black people neglected
    Thank god he's cracking down on steroids
    Since he sold his old baseball team
    There's lot of people looking at big trouble
    But of course the president is clean

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