Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Death of Tony Snow

Fox News has of course already created a tribute page.

Hopefully, we won't now be subject to the same self-indulgent barrage of news about those who deliver the news that we got after Tim Russert died. But we probably will. And people wonder why I don't watch television.

It's not that I'm criticizing journalists for becoming part of the story. My real complaint is that most of them are just too boring to pull it off. Hunter S. Thompson was famously self-indulgent, but at least he was also entertaining--and an excellent writer.

Of course it's sad when anyone dies, but I just don't think Russert and Snow are as newsworthy of people as their colleagues think they are. Let's be honest: neither of them was all that great of a journalist.

In any case, out of sheer irreverence, I'm posting some of what Westboro Baptist Church had to say about Snow on their always entertaining blog:

Tony Snow was a rebel against God and he had NO cause. He could read and he could have used all the positions that he was put into by the Lord his God (he and YOU had/have NOTHING except what you all receive from the hand of the Lord your God!) to speak truth about the standards of God and HIS righteousness, and encourage his fellow countrymen to put away their idols, their false gods and their FILTHY, disobedient and rebellious manner of life. Tony Snow was an unfaithful steward!

1Co 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

God killed Tony Snow - first he smote him with cancer, and yet Tony Snow would NOT repent and serve his God in truth! That God that held the very breath of his life in HIS hands gave Tony Snow space to repent, and he would not!

Now that's a perspective you won't find represented in the mainstream media. God bless the Internet and all of the weirdos it gives voice to.

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