Monday, July 14, 2008

Recommended Reading

Putting the nerdy technology stuff up front this time, Tesla Motors is now selling its bad-ass electric cars, the American military is deploying chemical-sniffing robots in Iraq and Afghanistan, and scientists have developed a device capable of sequencing individual DNA strands.

On a decidedly less impressive note, our government's terrorist watch list now apparently has a million names on it, many of them common enough to snag all sorts of random people and inconvenience them without accomplishing anything. And in another government-related fiasco, it turns out that most of what the Texas authorities told the press about the FLDS kids they took away from their parents is completely false.

On a more optimistic note, things seem to be going pretty well up in Iraqi Kurdistan:
Some of the wildcatters in the Kurdistan region have already struck oil and the KRG expects that it will have arrangements in place to start exporting oil by the end of next year (perhaps as much as a quarter of a million barrels a day). Blessed with natural resources, a governmental leadership structure that is evolutionary and visionary, a stable security environment, and developing rule of law, I'm confident that region's economy will become successful and diverse.

And what would we do without our daily insights from our favorite wackos over at Westboro Baptist Church?
If Tony Snow could have the one desire he holds at this moment – after getting a drop of cool water on his tongue – he would come to his own funeral and warn every disobedient dolt in attendance, or watching it all on the TV, to OBEY GOD AND NOT COME TO THAT AWFUL PLACE. Tony Snow is in exquisite torment at this hour; all his fruits indicate that this is true. And if there’s even a slight chance that he has an eternal sentence in hell – where the smoke of his torment will ascend up day and night, the worm will eat on him that never dies every day, and he will gnaw his tongue for pain every day, and he will experience destruction (the kind that doesn’t annihilate you, just torments you) every day from the very presence of the God who he ignored through his entire life – DON’T LIVE LIKE HIM!

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