Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Big Picture: Mexico's Drug War

This is the main result of the US and Mexican governments' war on drugs (click image to enlarge):

Go to the Big Picture section on the Boston Globe's site for the whole photo slide show.


Anonymous said...

Is it the result of the war on drugs or is it the result of the demand for the drugs (which you use, right Patton?). If you smoke or snort, don't think there isn't blood on your hands as well.

Christopher Patton said...

The demand for drugs only leads to this kind of mass violence because of prohibition. That's how it worked with alcohol.

And though the Mexican cartels do ship large quantities of marijuana into the US, a substantial percentage of the American pot supply is grown domestically--and plenty in Iowa, too. So, no, not everyone who smokes marijuana has blood on their hands. At least not from that. If one pays federal taxes, then one is funding at least one side in the drug war.

But you're right about cocaine.