Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cato Takes Cheney To Task On Security

From the Cato Institute:
Recently former Vice President Dick Cheney had the audacity to claim the Obama administration, by reversing President George W. Bush's policy on the harsh interrogation of terrorist suspects, has endangered American lives and opened our country to another terrorist attack. Americans would be best served by ignoring the baseless accusations of the former vice president.

Today, if America is as vulnerable as Cheney claims, the reasons are that the interrogation methods he defends have become a major recruiting tool for terrorists, and that he and his ilk diverted America's resources away from those who attacked us on 9/11 by invading a country that did not. Regrettably, the war in Iraq was a costly distraction for which we are now paying in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Prominent Iowa blogger and paradigmatic GOP hack Ted Sporer would do well to pay less attention to Fox News and more to the Cato Institute. As would any Republican activist or politician who actually cares about ideas and the truth. But that's a pretty small fraction of them at this point--because the base is not reality-based.

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