Sunday, March 22, 2009

Medicine In The Information Age

From Singularity Hub (via Slashdot):
Did you ever stop to think how silly and also how dangerous it is to live our lives with absolutely no monitoring of our body’s medical status? Years from now people will look back and find it unbelievable that heart attacks, strokes, hormone imbalances, sugar levels, and hundreds of other bodily vital signs and malfunctions were not being continuously anticipated and monitored by medical implants. We can call this concept body 2.0, or the networked body, and we need it now!

The trio of biomedicine, technology, and wireless communication are in the midst of a merger that will easily bring continuous, 24×7 monitoring of several crucial bodily functions in the years ahead. Unfortunately, as is often the case with medical products, the needed innovations are either already developed or will be soon, but some of the best commercial products won’t make it to the market until years of testing have proven their safety.

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And here's a video from that post:

This technology may be the best way for us to radically decrease everyone's health care costs. It will not only enable preventive medicine on steroids but also gather data that can be used to do research in real time. Yet another example of how the information revolution affects all aspects of our lives.

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