Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart Is Pretty Damn Cool

This is already linked pretty much everywhere, but I felt compelled to post it nonetheless:


taco said...

Jon Stewart is pretty damn stupid (as usual).

Patton, you like to grill me for criticizing decision-makers on topics in which I am not an expert... So why do you praise Stewart's intelligence when he criticizes and accuses Cramer, who has a Harvard JD and three decades' experience brokering stocks?

Do you think Stewart, with his William and Mary psychology degree and 20 years stand-up and TV talk show writing experience could have taken over Cramer's desk at CNBC and saved the viewers' pocketbooks from the recession? Really?

Stewart is an egotistical ass. Cramer isn't an oracle and no one genuinely intelligent ever thought he was. Cramer's advice is only "wrong" in as much as anyone whose job is to predict anything, is wrong: From the Congressional Budget Office to your insurance company to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and your local weatherman. Stewart deserves credit for nothing other than being full of himself. He has no background in investing, probably doesn't fit into Mad Money's target audience, and has no legitimate expertise upon which to question Cramer's qualifications to do what he does.

Christopher Patton said...

Taco, if you really want to have a dialogue with me you already know what you'll have to do. I have better things to do these days than take your flame bait on the blog.