Saturday, February 7, 2009

Exposing Neocon Counter-terrorism "Logic"

Glenn Greenwald writes:
Using the prevailing media-logic applied to Bush's counter-terrorism policies such as torture and Guantanamo (i.e., if a country is attacked by Terrorists, its Government then does X, and there are no Terrorist attacks for some period of time thereafter, then that is "proof" that "X stops Terrorism"), I believe these events in Spain constitute proof that the way to stop Terrorism and to keep the citizenry safe is to stop invading and occupying Muslim countries and take accused Terrorists and put them on trial with full due process rights before putting them in cages for life. After all, that's what Spain did, and there's not been another Terrorist attack for five years. Therefore, those policies have kept the Spanish people safe.

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I have a special tiger-repelling rock for sale if anyone's interested. I've had this rock in my possession the entire time I've lived in Iowa City and I've never been attacked by a tiger. Thus, I have proof that this amazing rock does indeed ward off tiger attacks. Any takers? (Hat tip: the Simpsons.)


taco said...
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taco said...

This is stupid. Why should we look to the Madrid train bombings in deciding how to deal with Al Qaeda, when the Madrid train bombings were not perpetrated by Al Qaeda and the only common circumstance between 11-M and 9/11 is that they both involved mass transit?

You have said yourself that the "War on Terror" as Bush described it is empty paranoia. Do you really believe that or not? The Madrid train bombings are still not conclusively solved and it's not beyond speculation that it could have been an inside job to unseat the Partido Popular.

Christopher Patton said...

Greenwald is being sarcastic. Did you read his whole post? And I thought my discussion of the tiger-repelling rock would make my sarcastic take on the whole issue clear.

taco said...

I didn't think that deep into the commentary. I see him, and you by proxy, putting Guantanamo and Spain in the same sentence - and I see an apple and an orange and no opportunity for any useful conversation to be quite honest.