Monday, February 16, 2009

Pirate Power: Libertarian Internet Activists Stand Tall

Wired reports:
STOCKLHOM – Hours away from their landmark criminal trial in Sweden, the men behind the world’s most notorious BitTorrent site are showing no sign of regret.

Pirate flags flew above a scrapped bus from Stockholm's public transport system. The bus was parked outside the National Museum of Science and Technology as a command center for the Pirate Bureau, a loosely organized network of activist youth. The Pirate Bay was one of their experimental projects, which then grew to become the world's most famous file-sharing site, now run independently.

On Sunday this history of The Pirate Bay was flaunted in front of a large media crowd in a museum auditorium, while children discovered the play-friendly side of technology with their parents outside. The press conference was held the day before the scheduled opening of court proceedings against four individuals involved in running the site.

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These guys remind me of the society Cory Doctorow envisioned in his novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, which is available as a free download. And, given the insanity of the "intellectual property" law the United States has been strong-arming the rest of the world into adopting, I am very much sympathetic to their cause. So fight on valiant pirates, fight on--I believe the future will belong to you.

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