Friday, February 27, 2009

The Podium's Readership Is Growing

According to Google Analytics, which I use to monitor user traffic on this blog, we will break 3,500 unique visitors this month. Though that's not exactly staggeringly high, I think it's a pretty decent number for an obscure opinions blog at a college newspaper. But, of course, I'd love to do even better next month. And that's where you, the reader, come in.

If you enjoy this blog, please do your best to get the word out about it. Especially if you live in Eastern Iowa or are in any way connected with the UI, make sure your friends all know about the Podium. Linking posts from other blogs, social networking sites, etc. is strongly encouraged. And so is commenting--regardless of what you have to say.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone who reads this blog. Even if you never leave any feedback, simply knowing that you're paying attention makes all the effort I put into this endeavor worth it.


I figured I might as well toss in a plug for our Twitter account as well. Check it out at There we're up to 77 followers, many of whom are influential Eastern Iowa journalists. So follow us and join the discussion.

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