Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lessons Learned In Lost Gay Marriage Battles

From the Independent Gay Forum, which collects excellent articles dealing with LGBT issues from a wide variety of sources:
With a switch of just two percent of the votes, the leaders of the "No on 8" campaign would today be heroes. We'd be lauding their powerful advertising campaign. We'd be celebrating their coalition-building. We'd wonder at their unprecedented fund-raising prowess. And we'd still have gay marriage in California.

But life is a vale of tears, so the conventional wisdom is that the leaders of No on 8 are clueless cowards who squandered a large lead in a blue state in a bright blue year.

Never mind that they were trying to overcome deeply embedded views about something Americans think is the foundation of responsible family life.

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The issues addressed in this article are particularly important for those of us in Iowa to consider as we await our state supreme court's decision in its own gay-marriage case.

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