Friday, February 6, 2009

Tonight's Iowa City Guerrilla Queer Bar Details

From Mark Anthony:

Announcing the Iowa City Guerrilla Queer Bar’s first target:


We wanted to make sure the space was intimate enough to allow all you
guerrillas to get to know each other. Also, with Shorts being a rather
new establishment in town, it is our hope that this takeover will get
you in a new environment and help Shorts recognize who they should
REALLY be catering to.

Located at 18 S. Clinton Street (, right where Baldy’s Wraps used to be, Shorts interior is humble and rustic, but
the bar is gorgeous and fully stocked. And I’m told that their Friday
night special is $2.50 well drinks, if you’re lookin’ to save a little

REMEMBER: these "operations" are only successful if we can overflow
the bar with queer kind - and we need your help to do it! Take this
information and spread it to every potential guerrilla you know.

9:00pm = TAKEOVER.

Over and OUT,


I hope to see you there!

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