Thursday, February 12, 2009

Twitter-ready Sex Advice From Dan Savage

Summarizing a Q&A session he just held at the University of Michigan, he writes:
Some of the questions asked by the students at UM tonight...

My really unpopular sexblog only gets hits to one obscure post on armpit fetishes. How popular is this fetish?

Is monogamy "normal"?

Fisting: Yes or No?

I'm a lesbian and my girlfriend is bisexual and wants to have a threesome with a man. This makes me nervous. What should I do?

When my boyfriend goes down on me, he leaves behind copious amounts of saliva. Could this be bad for my vaginal health?

There's this guy who likes me and I have no interest in him. I had a talk with him to let him know but he cried when I told him. How can I get him to stop?

Some of my answers: if there were tons of stuff online about armpits then your unpopular sexblog's single obscure post about armpit fetishes wouldn't get any more traffic than your other obscure posts, so we can infer that it's not too popular; normal, yes, natural, no; not now, I'm giving a talk; take a Xanax or date a lesbian; saliva is acidic and could dissolve your vagina; he's still crying?


Anonymous said...

not university of michigan, dude

Christopher Patton said...

Whoops. You're right. It was the University of Maryland.