Monday, January 28, 2008

Apparently, we have a long way to go

CNN is reporting their recent "ride along" with a Transportation Security Administration bomb-tester, and the results aren't encouraging. The tester disguises himself as an average passenger and attempts to make his way through security while possessing a mock bomb. At Tampa International Airport, this could-be terrorist easily passed screeners and could have potentially boarded an airplane with a bomb strapped to his back.

Last year USA Today received test results from 2006 tests and the numbers are rather frightening. Apparently investigators were able to sneak about 75 percent of mock bombs through Los Angeles International and 60 percent through O'Hare in Chicago.

The obvious question, then, is this: Are we really any safer? Americans have sacrificed a lot since Sept. 11, yet news like this points to an overall failure in our preparation for a future attack. Some argue that Americans giving up their civil liberties in the name of "freedom" is the right thing to do; but have we gained any peace of mind in those six-plus years?

It bothers me that these liberties are surrendered so willingly; more alarming, however, is that our government is doing little protect us. The Bush administration and the Republican Party has resorted to fear tactics in attempt to persuade Americans that they're best when it comes to security. Since Sept. 11, however, having President Bush at the helm hasn't made me feel safer--in fact, I'm convinced he's made the world (and our nation) more dangerous.

I'm not saying that the Democrats are the best party for the job--they've done next to nothing since taking over Congress in 2006, but the Republican Party has no claim to being the "security" party. If this is your idea of security, Mr. President, you must be embarrassed.


Nate said...

(Knuckles dragging, breathing through mouth, wearing camo hat)

"Ooough, uuugh, but we haven't been attacked by Al Kay dah since 9/11! Bush is doing great! Yahy!"

Jon Gold said...

Pass the brontosaurus.

andrewswift said...

All I gotta say is, if a would-be terrorist even *makes* it to the airport, we're f'ed. No way a plot should even get to that point.