Monday, January 21, 2008

bin Laden calls for peace

Omar bin Laden, son of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, is attempting to chart a new path for his family--that of peace. Omar (I'll use his first name to avoid confusion) hasn't followed in the footsteps of his father; his marriage to a British woman twice his age is just one example that Omar hasn't embraced fundamental Islam like his father has. And that should be an important lesson.

The bin Laden name will live in infamy, a fact that Omar doesn't deny. According to CNN, Omar says that, "I am proud by my name, but if you have a name like mine you will find people run away from you."

Omar says that bombs and violence will not help his father's goal. Since Sept. 11, a new stereotype has evolved in this country: That of the guilty Muslim. To many (ignorant) Americans, every Muslim is a terrorist that wants to murder American citizens.

Omar bin Laden's mission is a good example that stereotypes can--and will--be broken. The son of the most wanted man on earth is preaching a message counter to that of his infamous father. Television shows like "24" might suggest that Americans should be automatically skeptical of anyone that appears "Middle Eastern." For Omar bin Laden to say otherwise sends a powerful message that every person should be judged individually and on their own merits.

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Jon Gold said...

Ever see that Seinfeld where Elaine dates a guy with the same name as a serial killer? It's kind of like this, only fictitious and funnier.