Monday, January 21, 2008

Food that disagrees with you

I'm watching the Democratic debate right now on CNN. Apropos of nothing, I am also a feckless, clumsy cook. This is why I'm wondering whether it's the chicken thighs that I inexpertly baked and expertly consumed or this awful excuse for a debate that's making me sick.

It's mostly Obama and Clinton at the moment. Edwards' relative silence makes him look rather dignified in comparison. It was ugly right from the starting gun, and I'm pretty sure that the only reason there haven't been any shootings is that this starting gun is metaphorical.

This is why people don't watch political debates. Candidates try to hang each other with this vote or that indicted buddy, as if anybody cared. About five of the forty-five or so minutes I've been watching so far have been devoted to the actual discussion of public policy. It really is a wretchedly disappointing exercise. The Republicans must be licking their chops (and mighty chops they are) at the prospect of going up against one of these pissy losers in the fall.

Seriously, the Democratic candidates look just terrible tonight; small-minded, self-promoting and inarticulate. I lay partial blame at the feet of CNN, who decided to go with "relaxed" rules, hoping, I guess, that this would translate to a relaxed atmosphere. (Like libertarians who think that having fewer laws promotes lawful behavior. But I digress.)

It has only calmed down and become comprehensible within the last twenty minutes. Please, please, please, dear CNN: If politicians won't behave like adults on their own, make them! Maybe a mild electric shock if they talk out of turn or veer wildly off-topic.

UPDATE: Now they're sitting down for an even more "relaxed" discussion. Obama makes a mild funny at Edwards' expense -- "courting the white male vote" -- which precipitates an on-again-off-again exchange of witticisms between the two. Could CNN be on to something here? They're all a lot more amiable since they sat down.

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