Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Roll one up for Delta Upsilon

I'm not sure what all the uproar is about the fraternity being shut down for violating their substance policy. If a student gets caught on any part of the campus with marijuana it is likely they will be kicked out of their housing if they live on campus. It's a fairly standard procedure. While not every agrees with the view that they were "just smoking a little grass" I think that the fraternity scene has more problems than a few people getting high in a house by the river. Last time I checked there weren't too many disillusions to the demystification of the Greek scene in Iowa or any campus in the United States. Think hazing, misogyny and alcohol poisoning. Pots the last thing they should be worried about.


J-Lew's Poo said...

The worst part is, is that you are right. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes "there is a time and a place for" I drink, I am 22, and I used to drugs. It sucks that there is no second chance, there is no room for discussion or improvement. The problem with that is these students have been condemned to continue on their way down the shit hill, and lets be honest someone cut you a break one time; Why not cut an organization a break, especially when it is just a bunch of kids trying to figure life out.

Florida Boy

Jon Gold said...

That's a really fantastic pic, btw.