Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live Blogging the Dems!

OK, so here we go - Clinton vs. Obama, one-on-one, in a debate hosted by the woefully-pathetic Wolf Blitzer. And I'm chipper.

7:11 - It's amusing to watch Senator Hillary Clinton discuss John Edwards legacy about working for the poor and disadvantaged. She's simply not acting the same politician she was for - well, her entire political career. Triangulation, hurrah!

7:14 - OK, looks like everyone's going to play nice tonight.

7:15 - Obama's going wonkish - who said that he doesn't know policy? He is the most liberal member in the Senate after all, and you don't get that record without understanding minute details.

7:17 - I'm bored. Wish I would have drinks.

7:17 - When the respective candidates start writing things down, do you actually think they're writing relevant stuff down? Or just doodling?

7:20 - Still bored. Wait! Hillary's talking about health care! Let's see if she mentions her amazing failure as First Lady!

7:21 - I am clearly not unbiased in this debate.

7:23 - Hey Hillary: How much has the pharmaceuticals industry given your campaign? That have anything to do with your health care plan?

7:26 - I truly hate Wolf Blitzer. He is an idiot. Trying to call out Obama on "swiping Clinton" for arguing C-SPAN should carry health care debates, and Obama says "No, I've been arguing for this consistently."

7:29 - Hey Hillary! Universal health care doesn't sell in this country! Jesus I thought the Clintons were supposed to be good at masking what they really mean - you would think she wouldn't use those dreaded three words.

7:31 - Obama gets in a good line, attacking Republicans: "I don't think they'll be able to talk about fiscal responsibility."

7:33 - Jason Alexander sighting! I love the celebrity sightings!

7:35 - Embarrassed for myself.

7:38 - Immigration! Let's talk about Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Obama, eh?

7:42 - Oh Hillary, you do not want to be costing yourself Latino votes, and you just did with that answer. Tighten borders? Crack down on employers? When did you become a Republican? "Own people?"

7:43 - "Own people." (Read: NOT BROWN PEOPLE)

7:45 - I hear Hillary just cost herself the Cal Primary with that answer. Maybe I'm overreacting. Wouldn't be the first time.

7:46 - Wolf Blitzer is a douchebag. Just reminding everyone.

7:50 - Talking about driver's licenses for immigrants. Oooh Obama gets in a good point about Hillary's flip flopping! Finally some action!

7:59 - 35 years of experience! I love it! On my 35th birthday I'm going to claim I've had 35 years of experience.

8:01 - Hey Hillary, when you were First Lady, what was your security clearance?

8:02 - Hillary cannot win a change fight with Obama. The end.

8:03 - Good answer from Hillary on a Mitt Romney smackdown. Obama follows suit well. Without Rudy, Romney now provides campaign jokes.

8:04 - Man, Hillary, having a woman president is big in the US, yes. But not that big in the world - look at all the heads of state/government that have been women across the world. Now, look at the prospect of America electing a black person, and think about the message that sends. A lot different in my mind.

8:08 - Obama has been the only politician in my life (admittedly not very long to now) to really draw young voters interest and get them to actually vote. That would be a mistake for the Democrats to toss aside.

8:23 - I just missed 15 big minutes. Dammit.

8:25 - Oooh, Iraq! Hillary Clinton's war that she supported from the very beginning and then flip flopped very late in the game!

8:27 - More famous people.

8:27 - I am clearly biased.

8:28 - Wolf Blitzer update = still a douchebag.

8:30 - Obama hits the nail right on the head, focusing it again on Hillary's war vote and henceforth a lack of clear, informed judgment.

8:32 - I like Obama's tie.

8:33 - Oh please, Hillary, anyone with half a brain knew the 2002 War Resolution was just that - a resolution for war. You voted for war. Get over it.

8:35 - Wolf Blitzer is still a douchebag, even when he's going after Hillary Clinton.

8:37 - "Right on day one." Damn right.

8:42 - What the hell? A sex and violence question on TV? Who the hell cares? Last I checked Joe Lieberman wasn't in this debate.

8:47 - Newsflash: These two would not be a dream ticket, because they're running fundamentally different campaign styles and mean fundamentally different things to this country. So, go F off Wolf Blitzer, you are indeed a douchebag.

8:51 - Newsflash: Wolf Blitzer is a douchebag. Good night.


Jon Gold said...

I hate live-blogging. I always get annoyed and stop about halfway through. Blitzer would have done it for me.

Blitzer, a la Phillip Rivers on KSK: "Sources say that you must ask somebodaaaaaaayyy!"

andrewswift said...

Oh, puh lease. As our editor you should be required to live blog. Or something.

Jon Gold said...

Hey, require this!