Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So, I really want to counter the inevitable spin

But I promised below that I wouldn't comment on the primary race again. (But folks, the primary race is over. There's no way she can overcome his pledged delegate lead in the remaining states - all very BO friendly other than Pennsylvania, which might as well be after the general election its so far from today.)

(Also, apparently Ohioans buy dumb, negative bullshit. You know what? Screw HRC. I'm mad, even though I've rationalized the hell out of this and know that she can't win. Oh, maybe that's why I'm so mad, because she can't win but still wants to stay in because she thinks the presidency is owed to her, and is quite willing to sabotage a guaranteed Democratic landslide in November for the chance to lose to John McCain in an electoral cycle MADE for Democrats.)

(Whoops. I guess if I write in parentheses it doesn't count. Sort of like Iowa. And South Carolina. And ...)


Nate said...

So, Ken Blackwell wasn't even in Ohio to steer the stupid masses to their political doom, YET THEY MANAGED JUST FINE ON THEIR OWN!

I expected her to carry Ohio, but by THOSE margins? Are you kidding?

Ohio, you suck so badly right now. It amazes me.

Jon Gold said...

If that's the campaign tactic that wins the White House, I don't want it.