Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why Limbaugh is laughing

Amidst the countless political poles being thrown at us from all directions, one particularly disappointing one has recently taken hold of the Democratic spotlight. Despite the lack of any significant policy disagreements between the Democratic candidates, many supporters of each campaign have decided that, come November, it’s going to be all or nothing. That is, Democrats on both sides have made it clear that, if their candidate doesn't win, they'll either vote McCain, or not vote at all.

It has never been disputed that the policies of Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have much in common. Nor has it been disputed that this lack of substantive difference is likely the reason for which the nomination race is rapidly becoming the largest, most expensive popularity contest in history. However, in allowing themselves to become so beguiled by the peaks and valleys of this ongoing personal squabble, these supporters have reached a level of obstinacy so unwavering as to put the success of a candidate before that of his or her party. Wasn’t the underlying objective of this Democratic nomination to cauterize the contemporary wounds that have been inflicted by Bush, Cheney, and the like? Perhaps the indisputable damage caused by the current administration left Democrats believing that a Presidential victory was all but certain. Very likely, though it may be, such is a prediction that can only be affirmed if Democrats actually go out and vote—and vote for the candidate of their own party.

Supporters on both sides would do well to limit their considerations to the four years after the Presidential election. Even the most stubborn Democrats will admit that the policies set to be put in place by the candidates are remarkably similar; that is, the things these candidates would actually do as President are nearly indistinguishable. Considering the obvious and widespread regret at having allowed George W. Bush to take office, it seems that these are the things Democrats ought to be considering. Because, without a doubt, most liberals would admit that a second-choice Democrat is greatly preferable to an extended conservative reign.

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Jon Gold said...

Limbaugh doesn't laugh, he vomits forth clouds of stinging insects that prey upon the virtuous.