Friday, November 21, 2008

"Fainting spell" my ass

I love to make fun of the conspiracy theorists, but I've gotta call bullshit on this explanation of Michael Mukasey simply having a "fainting spell" last night.

Watch the video and tell me this is a "fainting spell." Typically, in my limited experience with folks who have had fainting spells, they've never slurred their speech, stammered, repeated themselves, or slowly and casually fallen to the ground.

Mukasey is old, 67. I'm guessing he's got a condition (possibly one they just discovered). That didn't look like "the flu."

I'm not saying he's going to retire in three weeks to "spend more time with his family" or whatever other crock of shit they spin to explain it away, but this really doesn't appear to be what they say it is.

All in all, hope the man is well.


Truth Hunter said...

Now that you mention it, couldn't agree more. It used to be that only news-controlled places like the U.S.S.R., China, N. Korea and Cuba hid or spun the medical conditions of their leadership.

It looked like a small stroke to me...

Nate said...

His speech patterns before his collapse are consistent with a stroke too.

Anonymous said...

Old news is exciting!

Mukasey tests negative for stroke - First Read -

"She said all the tests were negative for stroke. He had a clear MRI and normal CT scan, and doctors have ruled out a mini-stroke or TIA. He had a normal stress test as well. His doctors say he's in good shape and "beat the machine." They also said he had a stress echo cardiogram which was normal."

Thanks but no thanks for the armchair diagnosis, Dr. Whitney.

Nate said...

Ah, I love "anonymous" commenters!

Sorry I'm not as well versed as some other cowardly commenters on the health history of Attourneys General. When, may I ask, was his last colonoscopy.