Sunday, November 9, 2008

More On Prop 8 And The African American Vote

Via Dan Savage:

Savage also draws attention to an article containing this key data point:
Sacramento NAACP President Betty Williams said her chapter was so divided it chose not to take a position on Proposition 8, although the California NAACP opposed it.

"We were split right down the middle," Williams said, with younger people tending to oppose rather than favor it.

Overall, California voters aged 18 to 29 rejected Prop 8 by a whopping 22 percent margin. So, regardless of how frustrated and angry I am about the initiative's success this time around, the demographics point to an inevitable reversal. With sincere apologies to the socially progressive senior citizens I know, I'm really looking forward to the political landscape 20 years from now when the only age group currently strongly opposed to gay rights has passed away.

Maybe that's the only way humanity ever really progresses.

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