Sunday, November 9, 2008

Political diversity in the media, too much of a good thing

I'm glad the election is over. Two years of divisive finger-pointing has finally come to a close.
Better yet, I'm glad that the Bush administration is in its waning hours. Yes, because I don't like Bush and what he's done to this country (they won't give you media credentials if you don't say these things) but I'm glad it's all over for a bigger reason. I couldn't take MSNBC much longer.

With the interwebs growing like crabgrass and spreading its tendrils of influence into every possible nook and cranny of our society, with satellite TV broadening it's strength by the minute and cable television double-fisting protein shakes and Power Bars our media is becoming insanely diverse. There is literally a smörgåsbord of information, an all-you-can-eat buffet of anything for everyone available. Demographics are becoming increasingly narrow, and our interests - it seems - can always be satisfied, no matter how ridiculously specific they may be.
You're an atheist vegetarian crochet-nut who enjoys rock climbing and Thai takeout? There's a channel for you. Have a thing for alligators? Wish there was a magazine about alligators that also satisfied your thirst for hunting knowledge and was printed in Chinese? Just wait, it's around the corner, I'm sure. Are you of Lithuanian ancestry, have a passion for black velvet paintings and wish there was more erotic cinema out there that included lesbians and dill pickles? You've obviously never seen

All that aside, MSNBC has become so liberal that it nauseates me nearly as much as FOX News, though FOX is still a much purer form of epicac because it blatantly denies it's own form of existence with the tired "fair and balanced" line. MSNBC is the blue network, parading Olbermann and Maddow and Matthews in a seemingly endless conga-line of Democratic party flag-waving. A strange transition has started, however, now that the Bush era is coming to a close. Instead of continuously jumping up and down on what little remains of the proverbial dead horse of the GOP administration, MSNBC is now glowing in the post-election aura of the sacred Obama administration. It's less informational broadcasting and more inspirational broadcasting. I've got high hopes for our next administration, but these clowns in New York at MSNBC's headquarters are ridiculous. I'm beginning to wonder if Barack will be attempting to fly a NASA crew to Mars under his own power (boy, will his arms be tired).

I know diversity in media is a good thing, and I know it's increasing. I know that the days of purely objective media are nearly over, and I can tolerate a slight leaning one way or the other when I disseminate information, but I've about had it. CNN has become futile and gaudy, focusing on sideshow technological flare like (fake) holographic reporters and maps that pop up in thin air. FOX News is in mourning, and Sean Hannity is giving himself bruises from his agressive hand writhing, whimpering like a puppy about "conservatism in exile." I've got my BBC America, bits from Jim Lehrer on PBS and Lakshmi Singh on NPR, and I continue to check and Agence France. But what is there out there for the less-disseminating of the masses? Is there anyone out there that can give it to me straight? That can give it to us straight?

Sadly, the answer is no.

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