Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Nervous

Not about the results of the presidential election, but about Prop 8 in California. Hopefully, a bunch of bigoted Mormons and other far-right fundies aren't able to end marriage equality in that state. In any case, I've done what little I could for the cause.

Seriously, words cannot describe how upset I'll be if that stupid ballot initiative passes. And I'll already be well pickled with whiskey by the time I find out, so any inhibitions I might otherwise have will be pretty much gone. So whether it passes or not I'll likely cry and scream--only the emotions behind those actions are really in doubt.

Come see the shit show in person: Dublin Underground, 5 S. Dubuque, 7:30 pm on...


More on those damn Mormons...

(Via Slog.)

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