Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Is God Still Punishing California?

CNN reports:
A wind-driven brush fire roaring through the canyons of Santa Barbara County has burned more than 100 homes, injured 13 people and charred more than 2,500 acres, a county spokeswoman said.

Michelle Mickiewicz said residents of more than 4,500 homes were ordered to evacuate as flames from the Tea Fire engulfed multimillion-dollar mansions and modest ranch-style homes north of Los Angeles. The blaze began Thursday evening.

Several weeks before the election, I blogged about this guy, who claimed that God might send more fires to punish Californians if they didn't vote to ban gay marriage in their state:

So, what's his explanation for the fires raging now? Did God fail to notice Prop 8's passage? Or is this evidence that God actually opposed the anti-gay ballot initiative?

Of course, I think it's simply yet another reason why religious people should stop claiming that natural disasters are evidence of divine wrath. It makes them look not only insensitive but also incredibly silly.


Paul said...

I don't remember which of the Left Behind authors said before the election that Obama was not the antichrist, but I think that was evidence that they are smarter than this guy and realize the cost of making specific predictions.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps California is getting punished because Obama won? After all - it seems that the fire is running right up to the door of Oprah's house.

OR... maybe it is simply because the tree-huggers out there still haven't learned that to REALLY save trees, you have to groom your forests - which is something they have kept fighting against for decades. "Keep them natural".. Well - natural is dead, burned, trees when you leave your forests untended with dead brush and rotting trees just laying around between the live ones waiting to become kindling.

One day those morons will learn. I just wonder if there will be a house left standing by then.