Saturday, October 18, 2008

If You Support Gay Rights, God Will Burn Down Your House!

I love YouTube. It gives all sorts of crazies the virtual soap boxes they need to show off their insanity to the whole world. The number of cracked-out anti-gay marriage videos up on the site is astounding.

This is a pretty typical example:

Seriously, how can anyone not be deeply ashamed of supporting a ballot initiative that has backers like this guy? And, ultimately, religious arguments such as the one espoused by this troglodyte are all there is underlying opposition to gay marriage. Try as they might, the more media savvy people leading the charge against marriage equality can't hide this fact. Behind all their euphemisms and hand-waving there is only ignorance and bigotry--nothing more.

If you can afford it, please donate money to help protect marriage equality in California. I promise, God won't burn down your house.

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