Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Windows Into Steve King's Fetid, Festering Soul

Exactly how despicable and demented is Steve King?

This video gives us a pretty good idea:

And then there's this report from the Audubon County Advocate Journal regarding what King had to say about Obama the day before that clip was filmed:

King said, "We put a lot of energy and resources into our children to raise them in the American way and in our Christian faith and teach them values based on these. Obama's upbringing involves his father returning to his first wife after Barrack's birth and becoming a polygamist. His step-father was also a polygamist. He eventually wound up living with his grandparents in Hawaii who were strong leftists. He also writes about his fondness for his Uncle Frank who is a Marxist intellectual. His mother went to The Little Red Church on the Hill in Seattle, a self-proclaimed atheist church where it was said, 'They raise red-diaper babies,' babies that were raised to be left wing hard core atheists."

A quote from one of Obama's books, From Dreams of My Father, was used by King. It said, "The most beautiful sound I've ever heard is the voice in Arabic calling the people to prayer."

King said, "Obama can also quote a lot from the Koran, which tells you a lot about the instruction he received as a youth." King concluded his response to the question by saying, "The information I've just shared with you is to allow you to know what is considered foundational in his life."


In concluding his speech and question/answer period, King said, "Obama was not raised with an intentional attitude toward Americanism. Does he have an understanding of American patriotism, respect for our nation and what it's been through, our culture or the Christian religion upon which our nation was founded? The way to look at the reasons Obama doesn't place his hand over his heart when the National Anthem is playing, or wear an American flag pin is primarily because he is not wilful or spiteful, but because it just doesn't occur to him because it's not the way he's been raised. American patriotism is not imprinted on his mind or in his heart, because he wasn't raised as an American. Is this the kind of foundation you want for your next president? The president of the strongest country in the free world. We need to elect a president that is going to protect us under our Bill of Rights."

Seriously, how can anyone feel good about sending this xenophobic Golem look-alike to Washington to represent the state of Iowa?

Though he's something of a long shot, if you can spare the money, donate to Rob Hubler's campaign to help him in his valiant effort to kick King out of Congress.

(Via the Iowa Independent and Think Progress.)

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