Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prop 8 Update: One Week To Go

Here's another creepy Yes on 8 video, this one exploiting young children:

(Via Glenn Greenwald.)

One week from today, Californians will go the polls to determine whether to take the right to marry away from gay and lesbian couples in their state. This would include nullifying the marriages of those couples who have gotten married over the last several months, which would be terribly unjust.

Check out the gay news blog Towleroad for regular updates on Prop 8-related stories.

If Prop 8 passes, it will represent a major defeat for gay rights in America. Regardless of what happens, full marriage equality will eventually come to the entire country. But Prop 8's passage would delay the inevitable. And it's important that we grant everyone equal rights as soon as possible.

So please, please, please donate to help defeat this backward, bigoted ballot measure.

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