Friday, October 31, 2008

Cracks in the foundation of America posted an ad that critiques John McCain's decision to choose Sarah Palin. The focus of the clip is the claim that using a video clip of Palin winking is 'sexist.'

The more interesting narrative can be found in the comments to the video where fellow Americans lodge extremely personal attacks against each other, use terms like "uppity smile," "lesbo sapiens" and "comrade Obama", promote fiery suicide, refer to McCain as the only "honest" "all-American" candidate, and talk about the "messiah of Islam." Whomever wins this election is going to have a tough time winning over the trust of America.

Win or lose people need to take a lesson from little league and shake hands and say "Good game."

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Christopher Patton said...

Unfortunately, the way the far-right talking heads have been promoting all this ACORN nonsense and intentionally confusing the distinction between registration fraud and voter fraud, I have a feeling they're going to claim this election was stolen. But the far-left has asked for this by claiming that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. Such readiness to deny the authenticity of an election from both ends of the political spectrum is a very bad sign. It's highly corrosive to the perceived legitimacy of not only whichever party happens to be in power at the time, but also of our entire governmental system.

Accusations of electoral fraud happening on such a scale as to change the result of a presidential election ought not be made lightly--by anyone.