Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Warning from the Future

James Dobson's group Focus on the Family Action, Inc. has released a "letter" from "A Christian in 2012" telling of the horrors since President Obama took office. It's Justice Scalia's worst nightmare: the homosexuals run everything; the nation is godless; the Supreme Court is the executive, legislative, and judicial branch. Tel Aviv is the new Hiroshima. Russia has reclaimed it's Iron Curtain regional dominance. Americans have no jobs. Socialism reigns and the economy is all but dead. Even the pledge of allegiance has been banned in schools.

Freedom is crushed in Obamamerica. To blame? Christian voters that put Barack Obama in office.

How is it possible that some Christians believe Jesus Christ would be against socialism?

Anyways, here is the evolution... er... intellectual design? of Dobson's views on McCain:

January 2007
February 2008
October 2008

A quick warning of the present: Don't try to steal yard signs

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