Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Subprime Solution

Robert Wright and Robert Shiller discuss various aspects of the ongoing global financial crisis--and as always with Bloggingheads, this is infinitely better than anything you can find on TV:


Topics covered:
Are the markets being irrational?... What is and isn’t Alan Greenspan’s fault... How to reform the mortgage system... Derivatives aren’t the problem—they’re part of the solution... Should the government subsidize financial advice?... What a global depression would look like...

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Ruth said...

You're right. Definitely better than most of what I've seen on TV so far about this mess. :)

I've been reading more than watching though, and the best I've read so far is Danny Schechter's Plunder. He does a good job of analyzing the situation using current events and advocates a debt-relief movement that would resonate across the political spectrum.