Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Joe The Plumber" Is An Idiot

If there was any doubt about that fact in your mind, this should remove it:

(Via Andrew Sullivan.)

And yet McCain not only continues to talk about this man, but actually goes so far as to trot the dumb-ass out at his campaign events.

Thankfully, none of this craziness seems to be helping McCain whatsoever. If it were, I don't think I could support the concept of democracy anymore.


CNN reports:
Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, has become an integral part of John McCain's presidential bid, but it appears the Arizona senator's campaign and the now-famous Toledo plumber need to work on their communication skills.

McCain aides told CNN's Dana Bash Wurzelbacher would appear with the Republican presidential candidate at his first campaign event in Defiance, Ohio. But in what was slightly awkward moment for McCain, Wurzelbacher was nowhere to be seen when the Arizona senator called out for him.

A campaign aide later said Wurzelbacher had "decided not to come" and may join McCain later in the day.

But reached at his home by CNN's Mary Snow, Wurzelbacher said it was "news to him" that he was supposed to be at the McCain rally. Wurzelbacher said nobody from the McCain campaign confirmed he was attending the event and called the incident a "miscommunication."

Wurzelbacher also said he is headed to Philadelphia for a charity event unrelated to the campaign and has no plans to meet up with McCain today.

Ha! This is just too hilarious.

Well, that's what you get when you expect an unreliable moron to help your campaign. One would think that McCain would have already learned that lesson with Palin, but apparently not.

It seems that next Tuesday is going to be a pretty good day.

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Paul said...

"I would just push it on to your listeners to go out and find out why they think I would think something like that." What?