Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Fair And Balanced"

Obama spokesman Bill Burton clashes with Fox News' Megyn Kelly and hilarity ensues:

(Via Andrew Sullivan.)

Kelly seems to think if she says her network is "fair and balanced" enough times, that will make it so. I only wish it were that easy to bend reality to one's whims. If it were, I'd be taking the rest of the day off to repeatedly chant "I am a billionaire" until I was too hoarse to talk anymore.

No honest observer who pays significant attention to Fox News' programming choices could possibly believe they're not strongly biased against Obama. And even the network's own polling indicates that voters would rather hear about serious issues than pedantic accusations of radicalism or socialism. It's pretty obvious what their agenda is.

Regardless, I'm not criticizing them for having an agenda. I'm criticizing them for having a bad one and then denying it. If they'd just admit their goal is to help elect far-right Republicans, I would at least admire their honesty even though I'd still despise them for their ideology. This is why I favor transparency over feigned neutrality. The latter too often leads to baldfaced lying.

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